We are Friendly Cactus –
a comprehensive lab for digital products

This is what we do

Game development for PC, Mac, iOS & Android

iOS & Android app development

Digital art


...and here's some of our work


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We are far more than games we make, more than a group of passionate people. Before anything, Friendly Cactus is a passionate team that values what we think important and tries to make each detail matter


Willingness to explore
When working on a product, we don’t set a destination. Instead, we place creativity and fun on the front seats and see where they go!

Talent & Insanity
One goes hand-in-hand with the other, and our secret is to have 50% of both. We don’t stand still, raising the bar means “good enough” doesn't cut it.

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate…
Learning together is relying on each other, and this benefits us all. Curiosity is key. 


And we're always looking for talented people to make our team even better